City Government Introduces Takakura Method of Composting to Barangays

After the No Segregation- No Collection Policy was implemented in the City per Republic Act 9003 and City Ordinance 1361 and 2031 (Segregation of Residual, Biodegradable and Recyclable wastes), the Cebu City Council is now environmentally conscious especially on waste management disposal.
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Inahan sa Kanunay na Panabang (Mother of Perpetual Help) Chapel and its neighborhood in the corner of New Frontier and S. Cabahug Streets of Barangay Mabolo was one of those who benefit on the awareness campaign of the City Council held last June 8, 2011. 

The Facilitators Consolacion Paña and Lilia Calambro (representative from the City Council) discussed and introduced a Japanese style of Biodegradable waste disposal, the Takakura Method of Composting. This method makes use of native micro organism to devour biodegradable waste materials and later converting it into a very good fertilizer.

According to them (Paña and Calambro), the Landfills of the City costs a lot and the city government has found a sound solution for biodegradable waste disposal by using this method. It is beneficial since it educates the public a new technique of biodegradable waste disposal and helping the clean and green campaign of the country.

Several Baskets of readily made fermenting solution with rice bran and rice husks were given to families ready for composting biodegradable waste materials.

To know more about the Takakura Method of Composting or step by step guide please visit this link.

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