Know Your City Officials -Executive Department

Executive Department
Hereunder are the officers comprising the Executive Department


Name of Official

Office Location

Contact Numbers
Office of the Mayor Hon. Michael L. Rama Ground Flr., Legislative Bldg.,Cebu City HallTel. Nos. 2534913/ 2537817/ 2537455/ 4120000 loc. 801-805
Cebu City Medical Center Dr. Eduardo Epifanio G. SedoripaN. Bacalso Ave., Cebu CityTel. Nos. 2557141-47 loc 105 or 2557274
City Agriculture Department Mr. Joelito L. Baclayon 2nd Flr., Yutivo Bldg.,D. Jakosalem St., Cebu CityTel. Nos. (032) 2536566/ 2555781/ 2334375
City Assessor's Office Mr. Eustaquio B. Cesa 3rd Flr., Exec. Bldg.,Cebu City HallTel Nos. 4121665/ 2531099
City Budget Office Ms. Nelfa R. Briones 4th Flr., Exec. Bldg.,Cebu City HallTel. Nos. 4120000 loc. 404-408 or 4122810
City Health Department Dr. Stella YgoniaGen. Maxilom Ext., Cebu CityTel No. 2326863
City Legal Office Atty. Joseph U. Bernaldez Ground Flr., Legislative Bldg., Cebu City HallTel. Nos. 2532500/ 2532604
City Planning and Development Office Engr. Ma. Concepcion Encabo8th Flr., Exec. Bldg.,Tel No. 4121763/ 2557380
City Treasurer's Office Ms. Ofelia M. Oliva 2nd Flr., Exec. Bldg., Cebu City HallTel. Nos. 2532026/ 4122803/ 4120000 loc. 107
Department of Engineering and Public Works Engr. Kenneth Carmelita M. Enriquez 3rd Floor, Yutivo Bldg., D. Jakosalem St., Cebu CityTel No. 2322024
Department of Manpower Development and Placement Mr. Fidel Magno Marijoy Bldg., D. Jakosalem St., Cebu CityTel. No. 2539212
Department of Public Services Engr. Dionisio S. Gualiza 2nd Floor, Ramos Supermarket Bldg., Cogon Ramos, Cebu CityTel Nos. 2383993/ 4120616
Department of Social Welfare and Services  Ms. Catherine R. Yso  DSWS Bldg., Labangon, Cebu CityTel. Nos. 2625163/ 2629350/ 2616408/ 2617086
Department of Veterinary Medicine and Fisheries Dr. Alice T. Utlang North Reclamation Area, North Reclamation Area, Cebu City (at the back of SM City Cebu)Tel Nos. 2324483/ 4226708/ 2335676
General Services Office Engr. Rolando Ardosa 7th Flr., Exec. Bldg., Cebu City Hall Tel. Nos. 4120000 loc. 701/708 or 4121692
Human Resource Development OfficeMr. Celso Esteban Jimenea4th Flr., Exec. Bldg., Cebu City HallTel Nos. 4120000 loc. 409-413 or 4122814
Management Information and Computer ServicesMr. William Cris V. Artajo5th Flr., Exec. Bldg., Cebu City HallTel. Nos. 4120000 loc. 501-507 or 4121859
Office of the City AccountantMs. Arlene Rentuza, CPA6th Flr., Exec. Bldg., Cebu City HallTel No. 4120000 loc. 611
Office of the City Civil RegistrarAtty. Evangeline T. AbatayoGround Flr., City Health Bldg., Gen. Maxilom Ext., Cebu CityTel. Nos. 2332484/ 2326664

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